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Casino History - From the Bottom to the Top

Modern gamblers have already become so accustomed to luxurious casino resorts that it may frequently seem that the diverse gambling establishments have existed forever. Nevertheless, casino history is recognized to have started much later than one can even imagine.


Generally speaking, the origins of casino history date back to the 17th century, when the very first betting house was opened in Venice, although it, certainly, resembled modern top casino centers in no way. Further on, as gambling had become more popular within nobles, the tradition to open special establishments spread within entire Western Europe, including France, England and other countries.

In the 19th century, when the fame of gambling games had already reached the US territory, the casino history has opened its so-called American page, the first betting establishment, named Brown's Saloon, having been founded in 1822 on the border of 3 states: Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. In this respect, although gambling became officially banned in the country soon, there have appeared a great deal of secret casinos, where the players could enjoy their favorite games as much as they wanted to.

Years of Flourish

The year of 1931, when gambling was officially legalized, has become a true turning point in American casino history, as from then on there has been left no hurdles on the way of casinos' rapid development and flourish.

Most scholars agree that the 1970s were the Golden gambling Era, which has seen the appearance of Las Vegas casino resorts with their glamorous atmosphere, so strikingly enchanting, that every single player, having come there, could feel him/herself as a true king of a queen. No wonder that the most popular celebrities, like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, for instance, spent a lot of time there, not only performing at the stage of legendary Caesars Palace, but simply having fun, while playing blackjack, or roulette.

What's Now?

As for the modern times, the diversity decides everything, and every gamer possesses incredible choice, regarding the places, where he/she can enjoy all conceivable slot, blackjack or even baccarat variations, from a well-known Atlantic City resort to first-class luxurious casino & hotels in Macao, where it feels like the paradise really exists on the Earth.

Moreover, taking into consideration the currently developed online casinos, it's no longer necessary to leave one's apartment, or office, if a person wants to make a couple of bets. The only thing needed is a PC, or at least a mobile phone with a downloaded gaming application in it.

All things considered, it's quite obvious that casino history is yet to face considerable changes, so the gamblers are likely to receive more exciting options to select from.


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