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Owing to the popularity of casino games, there are now more than 160 companies which offer online games software that facilitates the setting up of online gaming. Some of the major companies that offer such solutions are the professionals of the gambling market today, and play a vital role in the recreating of style and atmosphere of real casinos. Thus, players have a similar satisfaction when gambling online.


Playtech may be called a newcomer of the world of online gambling as it appeared relatively not so long ago, especially comparing to software provider that started to produce gambling games before casinos appear. Despite being new, the company has managed to combat the tough competition on the online gaming arena and introduced innovative solutions for online casino games. It is now regarded as the biggest publicly traded developer of online gaming products in the world. Playtech became the first software developer to introduce numerous features in online gaming. Perhaps, the largest contribution made by the company is the invention of technology for the unified platform. This technology allows players to gain access to many activities by merely using one active user account. This is a favorable feature which players may find useful.


Microgaming is a company which exists about 15 years already and has survived to stay on top of the competition due to its innovative approach and creative thinking. Microgaming is particularly known for offering biggest online jackpots and it has created a contemporary jackpots network which enables players to play almost twenty new games which are introduced in all casinos powered by software of Microgaming. This company also has the biggest poker network available online which allows players to connect with others on an international level.

Vegas Technology

Vegas Technology is another company which exists really long period of time and caters gaming software to countries like Australia, UK and America. While the company is reputed, the one disadvantage it probably has is a handling of only English language. However, the software by this company offers new games which are refreshing as compared to the software provided by other companies. Vegas Technology is also known for its regular updates of old casino games and also for adding new sound and graphics solutions. One more positive and attractive feature provided by Vegas Technology Software is that via its several casino clients, the company has provided a range with video slots which make use of the recent graphic technology and employs latest sound solutions in field of gaming. The slots were designed so that players would be able to gain experience which would surpass the atmosphere of a real casino.

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