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Founded in 1995, Cryptologic, a company from Toronto was keen to step into the business of downloadable online casino games. They took preparation for a year and in the year 1996 their first casino was launched. The first company to provide multiplayer online games in the year 1998 was none other than Cryptologic. These games provide the winners with different bonus and prizes to retain the interest of the players.

Cryptologic games

In the game of Baccarat, the rules are standard one with 8 decks. With house edge on bankers bet not more than 1.06%, the player bet runs with 1.24% and tie bet around 14.36%.

The paigow poker rules are conventional ones with no deviation. In this way, the dealer holds the place of banker providing the house with an edge of 2.86%.

Pontoon is very popular among the players but it will be a mistake to identify it with the Australian Pontoon. This game is a different variant of the game of blackjack found only in Cryptologic, Real Time gaming and the Playtech Casinos. The rules of the game in Cryptologic is identical with the game in Real time gaming, and Cryptologic also has the same rules for this game. It uses 8 decks, with the dealer hitting 17 and pays the pontoon spitting the aces at 2 to 1. The house edge in the game is 0.38%.

Cryptologic Roulette and Sci Bo

The game of Roulette is very interesting, and with three various versions offered it attracts more players with the running of time. These three types of game seems to be identical, though in fact they have lots of absolutely different points. In the game of American Roulette there is always pocket with two zeros. If there is even money bet and the ball also lands at zero or maybe double zero, then half of the bet money is returned. The house has an edge in this even money game of 2.63% and for the rest its 5.26%. In European Roulette the minimum bet in first version is below $25 with one zero and with even money bet if ball falls on 0, you lose full money. Edge of house is 2.70%. In the other version, bet to be equal or more than $25 and with even money if ball falls on 0 you lose half bet money with house edge 1.35% but for other bets 2.70%

The Sci Bio has two versions, Atlantic City and the VIP, with minimum bet much higher in VIP. Video Poker has minimum jackpot point meter of 4000 coins with super jackpot progressive breakeven point at 9426 coins and deduce wild bonus at 11135 coins. Cryptologic has also other options of sci bo, so if it is the game that you prefer to play, you can find some more attractive options.


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