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We are glad that you've decided to play backgammon at online casino halls, this is a perfect choice for modern busy people. Our articles will help you to understand the industry better and become the professional. We have much information on casino rules, tips, popular strategies, lists of bonuses, hints for beginners and more. Come and play with us!

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Online Casino Tips

  1. You should keep a track on your money while betting in online casinos, as you don't have material chips with you.
  2. You should stake only that money, that you can bear to lose. Gambling online requires a mix of skill and luck.
  3. You should predetermine the amount of money that you wish to spend on a gambling session. You should not cross the spending limit.
  4. Decide in advance the amount that you wish to win.
  5. Increase your bets slowly but surely when you win constantly.
  6. When you are hungry or tired, avoid playing as you are not focused on game completely and you can take wrong decisions.
  7. Limit your gambling expectations. You will need some time for learning the game and succeeding in online gambling. Therefore, don't be disappointed with losing.
  8. High roller tables might be appealing, but play on the tables that you can afford.
  9. You should learn from the mistakes you make. When you lose, try to learn the reason of losing.
  10. Have fun and gambling will always bring you positive emotions.

Gambling Specific Tips

Blackjack tips

  • If you are dealt twelve to sixteen and is the dealer reveals two to six, then Stand
  • When you have twelve to sixteen and the dealer display a seven or more, then Hit.
  • You should Stand on seventeen to twenty-one, but Hit on soft seventeen.
  • Spilt the pair of aces and eights all the time.
  • Never split the tens, queens, jacks, kings, 4's and 5's.
  • On 10 and 11 you should double down, if dealer reveals 8 or less.

Craps Tips

  • Take risks only when you are rolling the dice.
  • Begin with one dollar bet, until you play with casino's money
  • When you build up some money, small risks can be taken.

Roulette Tips

  • Don't risk over forty dollars.
  • For every five numbers place 1 dollar bets
  • Some of the numbers repeat frequently
  • Don't play sloppily, pay attention to your game.

Video poker tips

  • Memorize the winning hands
  • Every game does not pay the similar amount
  • Find the wild cards
  • Play maximum bet with each hand
  • Don't wait for bigger hands

Slot Machine tips

  • Don't chase the jackpot
  • Focus on medium payouts
  • Jackpots happen randomly
  • Play only for the maximum bet to win more

Keno Tips:

  • Numbers will not come up repeatedly
  • Numbers come up randomly
  • No real strategy work for this game
  • When you play for few numbers you can win easily.

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