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Best Online Backgammon in 2019 – Secrets to Choosing the Right Casino

It sounds incredible, but it was around 3000B.C. when people started playing backgammon. The fact that the game maintained its popularity until today speaks enough about its quality. Today, you can find web-based casinos offering it in their selection of games. If you want to play the best online backgammon in 2019, here are the rules to follow.

What You Should Consider When Playing Backgammon in Online Casinos

First of all, you won’t find this game available on all internet gambling platforms. Despite it not being the part of the default setup, numerous operators include it in their selection. Let’s take a look at some factors that are worth considering when choosing the desired provider:

  • Gambling license – a confirmation from relevant authorities that the platform is safe and transparent.

  • Supported payment methods – in case you want to deposit real money, you want to ensure your favorite payment alternative is included.

  • The number of players – a high number of total players on the platform increases the chances always to find an opponent, as well as the odds of the operator organizing backgammon tournaments.

Can I Play Backgammon Free Online Now?

The ideal way to practice your skill for actual human opponents is to play backgammon online against computer first. Fortunately, you will find many gaming platforms offering you that opportunity. Some providers will ask you to create a free account first while others will get you straight into the game.

As you probably know, it takes two players to play Backgammon. The board consists of 15 checkers and two dice. Make sure to read the rules and guidelines to know all details about how to play the game. We also strongly advise acquiring some experience in playing for free before you move to real money boards.

There is no doubt that Backgammon online brings a lot of benefits, but the biggest one is the chance to play without leaving your home. You can connect to the operator’s website at any given time of day and night and find an opponent or play against AI in a matter of seconds. Depending on the platform, you may also get the chance to play different versions of the game, as well as take part in tournaments to prove you are the best player out there.

Welcome to - a complete online backgammon resource for players of all levels of skill and experience. Although online backgammon is relatively new, thousands of players are playing it every day for fun or real money. This game attracts players from all over the world, thanks to its long history and diffusion among the countries.

In spite of the enormous popularity of this game, not all the players know how to play backgammon. On you can find up-to-date online backgammon guides written to help players better understand aspects of the game including the official rules on how to play, glossary, and important tips that can be helpful for new players. Each important detail of the game is explained here to you so you can be sure that none of the game points would remain unknown or misunderstood.

Playing backgammon you will experience lots of new emotions, as this game is completely different from all those which are represented at traditional and online casinos. In fact, this game is frequently played by players who have never been into casino, as anyone can buy the equipment necessary for backgammon and play it at home just like domino or dices. And for this type of players backgammon strategies and tips used by professional players will also be good additional materials.

If you would like to play backgammon for money, you can do it now at online casino. That will be good for players who want to play right now but do not have a companion. Besides, playing backgammon online you get a chance to get some additional possibilities to play game. Of course, you should consider the choice of place to play as it is very important to know where to go to have the secured gambling with fair payouts. Below you will find some casinos that deserve your attention.

Best online backgammon rooms
# Site Bonus Match
1 Play backgammon at Club World 100% 777
2 Play backgammon at 888 casino 100% 150
3 Play backgammon at William Hill Casino 150% 200
4 Play backgammon at Lucky Red 400% 4000
5 Play backgammon at Grand Parker Casino 250% 8000

Being one of the oldest games in the world, it is still popular today and thousands of players all over the world prefer it to other games. It is not a true gambling game, as it has been placed without placing money bets for years, but today it is absolutely possible, as you can enjoy backgammon at online casinos.

If you want to play backgammon game online, you should start with learning the rules and basic game guidelines. It is not one of the games that you can just sit and start to play, you should understand all game details and moves to be able to enjoy it. For some players rules of the game would seem to be rather complicated, but when you play a couple of game rounds, you will understand how to implement them. Fortunately, modern casinos offer players an option of free gambling. It means, that you may play any of the games you want paying absolutely nothing! Of course, there are some drawbacks in this way of gambling, as they do not presuppose money rewards. As you play with virtual coins and credits, your winnings are also virtual. Still, for many players this detail is absolutely unimportant, and they are just glad that they can play their favorite game.

It is absolutely obvious that free casino games have such great popularity, but the number of players who prefer to play for money is still huge as well. They all continue to find the place for playing, even though there are many options for them. If you are the one of those who try to find a place to play, you can tread review of casino interaction and maybe this place will become your gambling home. Of course, the best way to understand whether this place is good for you is to play there, so just register and make a few bets in backgammon or any other game and you will be able to decide what to do next.

Also keep in mind that backgammon is not just plain game with one mode- it has lots of variations, and each variation has some space for new bonus offer. You can find the database of variations online, but let us quickly go through the main ones. Firstly, there are easy-to-learn variations for kids who just study hoe to move checkers, for instance, Blocking Backgammon and Blast off. There are also nice Middle East variations like Gul Bara and Gioul. For all these variations both cashable and non-cashable casino bonuses are applicable, so make sure to claim one when you start your game. They are usually applied by means of a bonus code that you need to insert after you sign up to your account with a casino. Of course, if you are used to playing on a Playtech platform, this is the best option for you to try backgammon with one of the Playtech-powered casino operators.

Backgammon can bring huge winnings to all players who understand game rules and know how to act to get a victory here. Like poker and blackjack, it requires some skills and you can improve them not only playing with your friends, but also enjoying this game at one of the free to play games which online casinos usually offer to their clients.

So as it was told previously, your way to achieve success in playing backgammon is to learn the rules, understand the game running, and play to have some practice. Choose (or even create) a good working strategy and you will be able to receive even more profits, as the frequency of your winnings will increase.

We would be glad to hear back from you so if you have some comments, suggestions or questions, please use the contact us form. Let us make our backgammon gambling better together!


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