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Backgammon FAQ

What is a Backgammon Match?

A series of games for a specified number of points. According to the land and online casinos rules, the player who reaches the specified number of points first wins the match.

What is a Backgammon Money Session?

An individual game where the players agree to play for a particular wager per point. The winner of the game collects the value of the points won during the game, including a gammon or backgammon, multiplied by the value of the doubling cube. It is called a session, because players can continue to play games against one another at the same table.

What is a gammon?

A player wins a gammon or double the point value game score when they have taken all their checkers off the board to win the game and their opponent has not taken off a single checker.

What is a backgammon?

A player wins a backgammon or triples the point value game score when they have taken all their checkers off the board to win the game and their opponent has either a checker left on the bar or in their home board.

What is the doubling cube?

The doubling cube is a single larger dice that is placed on the side of the table in between the two players. The doubling cube is has six sides, labeled 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. The doubling cube begins the game turned to 64, which indicates it has not been played.

What does the doubling cube do?

When a player offers the doubling cube to their opponent, they are proposing that the match be played for double the point value. Their opponent may accept and take the cube or they may reject the cube and pass thus resigning the game at the value of the game prior to the cube proposition.

When can I offer the double cube to my opponent?

A player can offer the double cube prior to roll their dice and when they cube is in the middle of the board or is on their own side of the board. This rule is the same whether you play at land-based gambling hall or internet casino.

What are the different ways I can roll my dice?

Players can roll their dice by pressing the middle of their side of the board, pressing the roll icon, which will appear when it is the players turn to roll or by selecting the auto roll feature on the board or in the game options.

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